Wednesday, May 19, 2010

pest control and trail clearing

First project this morning was to remove some adelgid infested hemlocks, this short project of a small clump of 3 trees turned into about 100 when simple trimming showed a high load of them on more trees, all had to go and be chipped as of right now them are slated to be replaced with white pine to some extent. lunch time brought about a report of a large tree across the red trail at west rock, we all headed over to check out the potential downed tree it turned out to actually be a big one. This oak was broken in multiple places and made a mess of the creek, fence trail and laurel thicket the creek, fence and trail wind through, but the tree had to go so the saws get fuel, chaps go on and pockets filled with the needed tools.

Often these reports of a large tree are nothing more than a 4-6 inch top leaning into the road or a dead limb fallen from an old oak, so we were not jumping up seeing this as an emergency. while doing this job more downed limb reports came in so tomorrow will be another busy one.

On a different note, i have been moved up to crew leader which means 2 things, more money and i get to strike out on my own with a small crew and my own park this summer. Great way to lift my spirits and drive from the everyday toilet cleaning, litter picking and grass cutting.

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Nicole Collins said...

Congratulations on the promotion Adam.