Saturday, May 1, 2010

preparing for the burn and AAR

In preparation for the a controlled burn either this summer or next spring the brush clearing at Wharton Brook preserve has been completed. The brush consisted of small birch and oak saplings along with some huckleberry patches. All was chipped and dangerous snags along the edges were removed. More discussion about the fire will come later depending on if and when it happens.

On friday the 30th we had the AAR (after action review) for the hancock lake fire, final acres from gps were 137. Mistakes were gone over, as well as other issues related to a long fire day and it being the first of the season. The big issues brought up were, who was the IC(incident commander) for this fire, lack of personel response that day, equiptment choice made by the crew members and bosses that day, one safety issue was the lack of radio quality and battery life. These issues were addressed and we all learned from them for the future.

The season is beginning so i will be posting more often as we do more to keep the parks maintained and dead for the public to come visit.

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Nicole Collins said...

Thanks for your posts Adam- sounds like an exciting way to start the summer season. Be safe.