Monday, July 19, 2010

Another shift down for me here at second nature entrada!,
this last shift i worked was my first as a level one instructor as compared to the intern level this means i had to do lots of paper work and do more one on one processing with the students. Over all it was a great week and a good experience.
I was back working with the girls again with is both as always a challenge as well as a rewarding experience. The last time I worked in this group I was the only male staff member along with all the female clients. this was the case again, and while that can be slightly frustrating, it can also give me an edge for certain aspects of my every day work. some times it is as simple as bring in a new outside prospective to a group that has fallen into a routine, some time it can be more involved then that, either way it is helpful for the company to have a male there, and i dont mind working with them it provides a good professional challenge, and it helps out the company, win win situitation for all involved.
as i mentioned in my last post I am doing a six credit internship this summer and that entails me working on a project through out the summer, this actualy works in my favor. let me explain how that works. Second nature hires wilderness professionals and provide them with everything they need to excel for the company and for them selves, they provide them with training and good pay as well as deep gear discounts. However what they ask for in return is a year long contract. meaning that they are only willing to hire people if they are willing to put in a year of their time. this is of course a challenge for people like me who want to come and work for the company but don't have that much time to give them. This is where the internship comes into play. Second Nature is willing to give out several college internships per season for wilderness professionals who want to work for the company but can not give the standard year to second nature. the summer " interns" earn the same pay and get the same training and work the same job as the other field staff, but in return they are asked to do a project for the company.
Hence why i chose to do the six credit internship with unity since i already had to do a project for the summer.
here is the basic principle and outline.
More on my progress and what i have done on my hard skills later
1. How to make a compass from scratch
2. How to use natural plant fibers to make cordage,
3. How to build shelters out of native materials
4 Water collection, conservation, and sourcing in the desert
5. Pack board/Pack Basket Building
6. How to make a bowl/dish from scratch
7. How to make a knife
8. Making moccasins/ or some other form of foot wear
9. signaling/ rescue communication
10. Navigation using non traditional sources
11. Other forms of fire production besides bow drill ( other firction methods, flint,etc)
Other areas for consideration
1.Getting back to nature, Wilderness trust walks and other nature activities
2. Non- traditional herbal medicine
3. Tracking

I had a larger list of skills at first but under the suggestion of my boss i have narrowed it down some and have started from the top. this ideally will take up x number of hours on my on shift and more on my off shift to come to about sixty hours of work and research by the end of my internship.

Cheers for now, more later


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