Saturday, July 3, 2010

The craziness slows for a bit...

Hello Blog readers,

I am have come to the conclusion that zoo life goes by one main theme, that I have come to the glory of learn very quickly.....Always expect the unexpected. Now with that said this week was slightly slow and uneventful. I pretty much worked every other day this week starting on Sunday. My big task for the day was to do animal care in both the Visitor Center and the Education building. Nothing really hard about it, it just takes a little bit of time to do. I mean, it's only....ohhh....35 tanks to check. Luckly it was pretty much a fasting day so all I had to do was scrub out water dishes. So I finished the Visitors Center, did my ed talk, then did the Ed building and got to go home.

Tuesday we had a staff meeting to go over some things that needed reminding and correcting. One of those topics being the new composting system. It's still has a lot of loose ends but much of it was cleared up for me. Everything else was like cleaning up after your done, mostly common sense things. But as Lara always says "Common sense isn't so common." After the meeting I had to do a slightly late ed talk, and then I had to keep the Visitor Center open for an hour.

Thursday was one of those expect the unexpected days. I came in and did all of the handling I could get done, well the ones I was signed off on I should say. That took no time at all, even having to deal with the Great Horned Owls craziness. Next I was suppose to observe Brandon do a Wild Party with Nadia, but all of the full time staff had a meeting, which led to the aviary needing to be done. I volunteered, and then half way down to prepare diets I realized it was Bird of Prey day and perch scrubbing...Oh how I love perch scrubbing...Now I don't know if I ever described what Bird of Prey diet looks like. Just thing of a log of ground everything that smells like meat and stale freetos. Yeah I probably just ruined that for everyone, but it's kind of like that. At least I was done with that in time for cupcakes from the birthday party. That's probably the best part about them, free food! I ended that crazy day with cleaning out the Eastern Milk Snakes tank before I left.

Today was interesting from the moment I pulled up. I climbed out of my jeep to see the Ed. Keeper Joy walking along the river. I asked what she was up too and she said one of the pelicans was in the river and she was trying to find out where he was. She then proceeded to tell me that I was going to probably have to help her catch it in about a half an hour. THENNNN she told me that Nadia had a flat tire so that left no one to do Visitor Center care. I didn't mind, it was better than doing discovery carts for 2 hours. The whole time I was having to clean around guest which slowed me down a little bit. But once again it was a fasting so I didn't have to do much. Half way through cleaning I look out the door to see the Pelican walking down the walkway, keepers shortly behind. Also at one point I went up to the ed building and was greeted by the Peacock trying to jump through the door into the building. The Peacocks at our zoo are free roaming and constantly like to stand in front of doors.

I'm feeling great about my internship so far. I'm gaining so much experience and I'm starting to get into that rut of knowing what needs to be done one what day without have to really check anything.

Till next time!

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