Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Better Late the Never!

I completed my internship shifts at second nature with the close of my third shift... that however was last tuesday !
this post has been very delayed for many reasons, mostly due to unplaned travel across the country and back all in five days time. as i sit here writing this I have about an hour before I need to report to my office ready to go back out into the field for my fourth shift. I have to say that i am excited. One, its great to be back in utah after spending the fourth of july in Washington DC
It was nice to see family, friends , and the girlfriend but all good things have to come to an end. So here i am trying to cram in a blog post in a very small amount of time.
Last shift was great, we had perfect weather to be working with and a good staff team. This week I was again back with a Teenage boy group. The entire week was full of surprises and challenges but at the end of shift we had managed to get a lot done with the kids and thus left feeling good about things.
One of the things that i struggle with is coming up with things to say about my job here on this blog. that is not due to lack of exciting things that are happening to me every day i am at work, but more due to the fact that i can not talk about a lot of what is going on in the every day workings of Second Nature Entrada. A lot of this is to protect the clients, the other part of it is to Protect second nature as a company.
Despite this minor set back that i have run into on these postings fear NOT! i have other things to write about. like the WORLD CUP, ok im kidding, but on a lighter note it is amazing to me how deeply engrained some of our clients are that the first thing they ask us for upon meeting new staff is not our names, but most of the time for sports updates. it is very interesting.
in feature blog post i will be spending a lot of time talking about my internship project that i am working on for second nature and unity. Since this job is a six credit deal I have to have a project that I work on through out the summer. the basic plan is a field staff resource manual involving hard skills.
More on that later, for now i must dash off into the field for me I hope that all my unity friends are having a great summer

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Nicole Collins said...

Great post Tim. Thanks for the update and honesty about your inability to disclose information about your job. Balancing work and family is a real and ongoing challenge.It's great that you acknowledged it in your post. Look forward to hearing more about your project.