Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fire, heat and more fire!!!

wow whats a busy week it has been, July began with a shelter fire, yes ANOTHER shelter was burned to the ground!! This time we were prepared and brought in plenty of water cans and extra people to put it out. The weekend was wild as expected, the parks were filled to parking capacity and the trash on Monday showed, 2 full size pickup trucks filled with trash from one park alone.

At the end of Monday we all looked at the weather forecast and could see the heat was on for the rest of the week!! Late Monday night i get a text message from a coworker "Your gona need your gear tomorrow!!" All that i could think is fire gear? i hope not!! Well my hopes were not answered, we did have a fire only 4 miles from the park. This fire was tiny but stubborn!! Up on a cliff face and deep in the duff this one would need water, fortunately enough the town fire department had laid hose up there the day before. Although the fire was only .25 acres it still took over 2500 gallons of water and 6 hours to put out. the temps were up around 105 on the cliff.
UPDATE: shortly after posting this the first time i was informed of another fire this time up in plymouth near the hancock lake fire we had in april. this one was named the whitestone fire, at the time we arrived in scene at 830am thursday there was 2 miles of hose out and a full crew on scene working hard, preliminary cause was fireworks but a semiactive fire ring was found while fighting the fire. When my squad left the fire at 4pm we had put 39,000 gallons of water on this fire and expected to return the next morning to continue, unfortunately because of prior commitments i was not able to join the crew on friday.

trying to stay cool

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