Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dogs & Cats at Pet Orphans

Another great week in the Orphange. 4 of the 5 dogs in isolation got put up for adoption! The only sitll in Iso has been given his last medication for Parvo. He's doing great and getting over it really well. Hopefully he too will join them in getting adopted.

The cats that were still in isolation are still there but they are getting much better. One of them has taken a few HUGE steps towards people friendly. She actually let me and a coworker pet her and she loved it!

We have done a lot of paperwork recently. I went through all of the files for the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens making sure all of their papers were there. For the cats I had to make sure they had FIV/FLV negative tests, their microchip, spay/neuter certificates, and boosters. The dogs on the other hand had their spay/neuter certificates, rabies shots, boosters, and three other common shots for dogs. Then we had to take every file since 2009 and make sure that they were in order by tag number. So I spent a good 4 hours sorting tags from 7000 - 9000. That was fun.

But other than that I have socialzed with many adorable dogs and cats.


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