Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer at the CCF

This summer, I will be working amongst the world’s leader in cheetah conservation… the Cheetah Conservation Fund. I was accepted for a student internship position and on May 29th, 2011 I shall be arriving in Otjiwarongo, Namibia… the location of the CCF Headquarters. I am very excited for this opportunity and I plan on making the most out of my experience. I’m not exactly sure on my specific responsibilities as of yet, as that is determined when I arrive, however whatever I am assigned I shall do my best at. I’ll be documenting my time at the CCF here, so I hope you follow along.

I'm currently making the final preparations for the summer and figuring out the annoying logistics involved with flying to a different continent. I plan on leaving on either the 26th or 27th of May here from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa. I haven't decided on those dates yet because of my connection from Johannesburg to Windhoek, Namibia, but I will be deciding that within the next couple of days (it's getting really close). Hopefully I will be able to post an update between the time I leave here and arrive at the CCF and maybe I'll have some pictures of Africa too! Below is a map of Namibia where the CCF is located.

If you would like more information about what I'm doing this summer or would like to see more pictures, look to my separate blog here ( Feel free to ask questions or comment below. Until next time…

- Eli Walker

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Nicole Collins said...

This is a really great visual Eli, thank!