Monday, June 27, 2011

Good times on the river

Hello again from the Upper Delaware! This past week has been filled with hiking, amphibians & reptiles, boat rides, and exceedingly high water.
My two fellow interns & I started the week off by hiking 8 miles on a local trail. Let's just say this hike involved tons of ticks all over our pants, lots of mud, 1 turkey, 2 snakes, and the cutest baby bunny I've ever seen.

Look closely!

On Weds. & Thurs. the interpretive unit went to Promised Land State Park again for more educational stuff. This time we learned about amphibians & reptiles and got to go out in the pouring rain to search for them. It was a good time though.

Because of the torrential rain that we had, any scheduled canoe rovers were stuck inside the office on Friday. The normal average water level for the Delaware is 3 feet, and once it goes over 6 feet employees aren't allowed to be on it. Since the water was at 8 feet, we stayed inside to work on our educational programs.
On Saturday I was stationed at the Mongaup kiosk, where the Mongaup river flows into the Delaware. There were tons of people kayaking down the Mongaup because they released water upstream that day. The picture below shows the crazily flowing Mongaup going into the muddy Delaware.

On Sunday I was stationed at the kiosk in Lackawaxen and basically just talked to people and worked on my educational program all day. Near the end of the day a few of the law enforcement rangers came by with the powerboat and took me for a ride up and down the river. It was a perfect end to my day!!

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