Friday, June 24, 2011

week 2 of State Capital intership

This week i again did more reading on water and agriculture issues. The main book I have been reading for the past month is Managing California's water from Conflict to Reconciliation. As well different weekly water and agriculture issues. Alot of them have to do with new laws going thought the house and senate. As well as in California they are working on implementing more ways to conserve water. The big issue right now is how and how will the measure the use of water, and who will pay for the cost. I have been reading news articles and code to try to follow this issue.

I also had a meeting with constituents to listen and talk to about State Park funding that is being cut this year in California. I was able to listen and hear how important these parks where to the people and see letters from others, as well as explain my members view on the funding being cut. I also read over there packet and of information and helped summarize it to give to the assembly man.

I have been working on updating our media contact data base for both the local contacts and state contacts. I have almost finished my part of the state contacts and already finished the local contacts.

Yesterday I was able to attend a legislative process workshop. It was really great i was able to see the steps the bill went though as we worked with our sample bill. We also got to see a lot of the forms used to do different parts of the bills. As well as the dead lines and process that are specific to California legislation. It was very interactive and we got ask lots of questions as well as get good advice from people who had been in the building for a while. the best advice to me was "talk dirty, but write clean".


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