Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Festive festivities!!

Since I didn’t have time to write a blog last week, I’m going to sum up the past 2 weeks in this one. I presented my first educational program last week which pretty much consisted of me talking about fish to 60 girl scouts. I was really nervous but it went great and they seemed to like it. The next day I was assigned to a “river reading” at a local library. I read “The Rainbow Fish” book to about 10 kids ranging from pre-k to 1st grade. Afterwards I had them put together a fish puzzle and decorate it. I also had them “fish” for magnetic fish with tiny rods that I made. I have another river reading tomorrow, so I’ll be doing a different book and craft project.

This past weekend was the Zane Grey Festival. This is a big bash in honor of Zane Grey (father of the western novel). There were different booths and tents set up by organizations, along with arts & crafts for kids, and different demonstrations. I was in charge of the fishing demonstration, in which I had to wear the lovely old time “bathing suit”. I complained a lot beforehand and my boss said I didn’t have to wear it, but I decided to be a trooper. The festival had a great turn out, and overall it was a fun day…even in my gorgeous bathing suit.

My housemate Becky and I organized a talent show for the park staff which we held last Sunday. In between the other acts, I played guitar and Becky sang spoofs on songs that we made.We also changed into different ridiculous outfits after each act. I must say that it was pretty amazing, and the whole show was hilarious. We’ve decided that our next organized event will be “water olympics”. Keep an eye out for us on TV.

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