Friday, July 22, 2011

Where I work

Hi, my name is Kristy Antoniato and I am currently interning at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. I am working in the Expedition Madagascar area. This area consists of a building which has about 13 exhibits on either side of a hallway with glass showing into the exhibit for public viewing. Inside there is an exhibit for black lemurs, which houses 3 black lemurs; mongoose lemurs, which houses 2 mongoose lemurs and 4 younger giant jumping rats; bats, this exhibit houses just the male bats; aye-aye, which houses 2 aye-ayes and about 30 female bats; a small exhibit with frogs and geckos; giant jumping rat has two adult giant jumping rats; an exhibit with two birds, an exhibit with 4 ring-tailed lemurs (one of which is diabetic), 2 collared lemurs, and 2 large tortoises; an exhibit with 2 small tortoises, and several other smaller reptiles; an exhibit that houses several species of mantellas, very small frogs; an exhibit with 4 different species of snakes; an exhibit with 2 red ruffed lemurs and 3 brown lemurs (one of which is old and has bad arthritis and cannot jump very well); and finally an exhibit with a button quail and chameleon. This area also has 3 outdoor exhibits. One is a small island in the middle of a lagoon which houses 5 ring-tailed lemurs. There is a walkthrough boardwalk that goes through an exhibit with 5 red ruffed lemurs, and a few birds. And the other exhibit outside is one with 4 black and white ruffed lemurs.

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