Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hours complete, but the internship rolls on

I have completed my required 180 hours as of this week, though I'm still working when ever there are things to do. Monday was our last Starbase program out of three, with all of the same birds. This time though I was first up on the line up and presented Kisra, and then later on the environment. The more and more I hear the information about these birds the easier it is to kind of do their part on a whim. I got a little tongue tide but other than that I felt I did pretty well. It's sad that this was the last time we were presenting there this year, they were a really good crowd.

Wednesday was a tough group, an extremely varied group as far as age goes. We were presenting at a summer camp in New London full of kids from probably kindergarten to 3rd grade. Needless to say some of them did not have the longest attention span. It went alright though, we pushed thru it. I presented Chico at this presentation and he started it off real well by projectile pooping on one of our signs. So now our sign has a nice ole' stain on it.

Friday was cleaning days, in which I ended up an hour late being my alarm never went off. I still cleaned out Silo and the Red tailed hawks while I was there and helped feed the birds. Due to the chance of rain coming we stacked up wood that had just been painted for usage on some aviaries. That only took a few minutes. In between Wednesday and Friday we had been inundated with birds in rehab. We had gotten in another baby Broad winged hawk (we already had one from earlier in the week), a baby Screech owl, and a Cooper's hawk. Two of the other birds that we had gotten had to be put down due to their injuries. The Cooper's hawk unfortunately died that day after we were done cleaning. After all of our work was done we watched the video from when Jeanne and Mary-beth took Kisra and Beamer to a TV program. It went really well and it was nice to see the other people that was on the show too.

Sunday was a simple meet and greet at the Ashford farmers market. Mary-beth and Jeanne were up in Maine visiting Hope, so this program was all me and Alan. I held Herc most of the time and held Dakota for a little bit too. We got a lot more donations than we thought we were, which was awesome. Being that we aren't funding by anyone donations are very important. It's amazing how much it cost to keep one bird a year. My favorite part of the whole thing was when we had a group come up to our table that had found a bird. They had found a baby Screech owl at the beginning of the summer, the one I was having to weigh every week, and had another rehabilitator bring it out to us. They told us all about how they found us and wanted to know how it was doing. It was nice to be able to reconnect with them, and let them know how the bird should be released here soon. When we got back I unjessed Herc and Dakota and then we checked the baby Red tailed. His right foot was pretty swollen, but upon examination we couldn't see any abrasions. I'm pretty curious to see what Mary-beth says when she gets back.

Since I don't think I'll be working too many more days here at Horizon Wings I'm just going to do one more entree in this blog. It won't be for another two weeks, but it will be my closing entree.
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