Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sparrow Arc Farm Internship

Sparrow Arc Farm is located in Unity with 42 acres of vegetable production. The farm produces a wide variety of vegetables and fruit from jelly crab apples to our roulette pepper, the shishito. This summer we are working hard to produce more unique variety of our hot peppers (including the newest proclaimed hottest pepper in the world, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion!) and heirloom tomatoes. Right now the farm only has four workers, including the boss, who are managing about 30 acres of planted land but we'll be having a few more hands join us in a few weeks when our season picks up.

The season has started out with a lot of tilling and  planting. In the past two weeks we've put our leeks, onions, pickling cucumbers, head lettuces, frisee, greens seedlings, beets, hot peppers, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and squash in our fields. Weather permitting we will be planting more by the end of this week.

We also were able to put up our wash up tent for packing out the veggies headed to gourmet restaurants in Boston. The tent was a monster to put up, but we now have a spacious area for all of our washing and packing equipment.

With so few hands and so much land we use our transplanter to help us plant seedlings neatly and efficiently. We've been steadily emptying and refilling our greenhouse with seedlings.

Sparrow Arc just sent our Boston customers our first harvest of arugula, mustard greens, french breakfast radishes, and dry beans.


Nicole Collins said...

Great pictures Miranda.

sara said...

Nice post, Miranda. This will be a fun story to follow through the growing season. Careful with those TMS peppers- they are, I believe, the same "hotness" as pepper spray (on the Scoville Scale). Yikes!