Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 2 at Harbor Family Services

This is the second week at harbor family services, and was a little more busy than the first.  I had three days of training at the Winterport location in what is called Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.  The majority of this training is about de-escelating Clients when they become agitated or aggressive, which quite often is there reaction to a stressful situation.  Every person that is being treated in this program has an adverse reaction to some sort of stress.  Sometimes this means just getting angry, and yelling and blaming anyone who is near them for whatever problems they are dealing with.  This is something I delt with alot this week.  There was 1 participant who, although usually he only has a few minutes where he melts down here and there, was just so impatient this week.  Just telling him he had to wait 10 minutes to play video games was enough to send him in a fit, at one point punching out a screen.  After a bit of alone time, I explained to him again that he only needed to wait a bit, but he would need to clean up the mess he had made when he got upset.  He took this very well and just seemed to drag out the cleanup a bit, which he never likes to do anyways.  It felt good to be able to use the tools the methods they used during the first week, mostly patience and respect, and to see how well it can deal with someones frustration.

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