Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week Eight of Theo's Internship with Sustainable Princeton

The eighth week of my summer internship at Sustainable Princeton began with me working on filling out an application for New Jersey’s local government energy audit program (LGEA) so that the Municipality of Princeton can get an energy audit. If the application is accepted the LGEA program’s audit will get us an expert to examine our facilities and see how we can improve our energy use. This program will also help us with identifying cost-justified energy-efficiency measures and will as subsidize the entirety of the audit’s cost. With the completion of this audit many options that contribute to the fulfillment of the Municipality of Princeton’s commitment to the Paris climate agreement become available. These include such things as retrofits and perhaps even a microgrid. So far, we have only completed the section on how much electricity and natural gas were used for the last fourteen months and how much it has costed using PSE&G’s online records of the Municipality of Princeton’s bills.

The other major thing that happened this week was that the local supermarket serving as the primary drop off point for the BYOB plastic film recycling program McCaffrey’s has donated $375 dollars to Sustainable Princeton so that we can acquire more bins and stickers to create the additional drop off points we have been setting the groundwork for these past weeks. With this we can acquire ten bins and enough stickers containing information on the BYOB program for these ten bins and more! This will allow us to create all seven of the drop off points we have planned out and give us room to create an additional three drop off points if we think of any good spots.

For the ninth week of my internship I plan on both acquiring the bins so as to start the process of setting them up and continue to work on the application for the LGEA energy audit. Overall, this was a wonderful week and I am excited to see what the next week of my internship will bring!

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